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What is Stacer's Revolution Hull?

What is Stacer's Revolution Hull? | Gold Coast Boating Centre

Stacer's Revolution Hull is what makes them the best riding aluminium boat in Australia. 


After many years of research and development, Stacer has created a revolutionary new ride when it comes to pressed aluminium boats. Their latest and greatest hull design appropriately named the 'Revolution Hull' delivers an unbeatable riding experience out on the water. See it for yourself below, it's chalk and cheese!  



Thanks to Stacer's unique ability to stretch form aluminium, they have created the best riding aluminium hull in Australia

The above image illustrates a conventional hull design you will find on many aluminium pressed boats in the Australian market.


The Stacer Revolution hull, built in a manufacturing process unique to Stacer, is high performing and glides over the water providing a more balanced ride with superior stability underway and at rest. Whether it be offshore swell or inshore chop, you can be assured you'll have the smoothest and best performing ride with a Stacer boat. 

Previously only available on the Sea Master, Crossfire, Assault Pro and Wild Rider models, the Revolution Hull is now available on even more Stacer boats.

The superior design of the Revolution Hull is now available on the Rampage, Outlaw and Sea Runner line-ups, making Stacer boats some of the most desirable on the market.


View the full range of Stacer right here: